5 Foods That Will Cut Your Life Short

dangerEveryday we make choices as to what we choose to eat. Making the wrong choice can literally shave years from your life. All you need to do is look at what those who are in the know eat on a daily basis, individuals like food researchers, dietitians, and doctors.

We all know there are good and bod choices when it comes to food. Here are the top 5 foods you are not going to find a food researcher, dietitian, and doctor’s grocery shopping list.

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Nutrition Info Added to Google Search

Okay this nutrition info is actually a REALLY helpful feature the boys and girls at Google have added to their search results.

Making the right choices when it comes to food and nutrition is really hard and most of time very confusing. If we all would be honest we would admit that most of the time our decision is reduced to guessing. And it turns out that guessing about nutrition is not a particularly successful strategy.

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8 Sleep Promoting Apps

Sleep AppsHarvard Medical School[1] noted there were six VERY important reasons for good restful sleep.

1. Learning & memory
2. Metabolism & weight
3. Safety (driving etc)
4. Mood
5. Cardiovascular health
6. Disease

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People often ask

gymday“What’s your favorite time of the day to head for the gym?” Truth is just after the mid-day lunch crew and just before the afternoon heavy lifters show up.

As you can see from the image on the left showing up at 1 to 1:30 has its advantages, as in the gym is pretty much open and I can move about and complete a full workout in a lot less time and A LOT less “gym talk.”

Of course I don’t have anything against “gym talk” it’s just that it can add quite a bit of time to a workout.

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lowerbackpainLower back pain treatment is one of the most sought after medical remedies. Experts agree that in many cases one of the main contributors to lower back pain is posture.

Researchers developed wearable devices that help lower back pain sufferers correct posture. Lumbia is different in that along with helping correct posture it also has built in sensors and activators which are in direct contact with a patient’s lower back.


lumbiaLumbia is incorporated into a belt that the patients have to wear around their lumbar region and which includes sensors that detects whenever the posture is not correct. In these cases, the belt emits a vibration to remind the patient that he/she must change that posture.

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The Lumbia is worn during a meeting with a therapist and the patient is asked to do several specific exercises and while doing the exercises the Lumbia transmits over WiFi to a computer. Along with diagnostic capabilities the device’s actuators notify the patient if they are using the wrong muscle groups while moving.


kettlebellAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE) has determined that kettlebells develop a lot more than strength. Researchers now know that workout programs based on kettlebells increase cardiovascular, aerobic capacity, balance and core strength.

While study results did not show any significant change in body composition it did show that kettlebell is an extremely efficient use of workout time and provides multiple fitness benefits.

ACE Study Finds Kettlebell Training Effective for Improving More Than Strength

kettlebellSwinging and lifting kettlebells has been known for hundreds of years to build strength and endurance, but as this study confirms, it also offers a significant cardiovascular benefit as well.

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Lower Back PainBack pain relief, and more specifically, lower back pain relief is high on the list of a staggering 8 out of 10 Americans. Lower back pain is disabling to the point where is disrupts daily activity and a high majority of sufferers indicate that it returns regularly.

No secret here – a recent study shows that hands on therapy can be a lot more effective at relief and that traditional lower back pain relief treatment can be unnecessarily expensive, interuptive, and ultimately ineffective. Wow!

Low Back Pain: Osteopathic Manual Therapy Appears to Help

low back painThere are concerns that chronic low back pain is often managed with costly and invasive treatments of questionable efficacy and safety. Our results support efficacy and safety of OMT; however, they do not address its cost-effectiveness,” the authors write.

via medscape.com

In the study below it was discovered that walking can bring relief and a cost savings for lower back pain sufferers. Results of brisk walking were impressive bringing not only temporary relief but for many long term relief.

Walking Could Help Ease Lower Back Pain, Study Finds

low back painA recent study suggests that a simple regime of daily walking may aid individuals with lower back pain. This is especially relevant research for people who suffer from lower back pain and turn to pricy rehabilitation facilities.

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If you are a lower back pain sufferer one of the first things you should consider is, “Are you getting your moneys worth?” out of your rehabilitation program. Example: X-rays and MRI scans carry a hefty price tag and in many situations don’t reveal the problem.

Lower Back Pain Treatment Can Vary by Thousands of Dollars

low back painLow back pain imaging scans are costly and do not necessarily lead to relief, states a recent article on ‘MRI For Low Back Pain? Think Again’, as patients can expect to pay between $200 and $290 for a low back X-ray, between $880 and $1,230 for an MRI and between $1,080 and $1,520 for a CT scan.

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Who would have thought that brisk walking could yield such good results? In this study it was shown that heading out for a walk just 2 to 3 times per week could have a drastic positive improvement in lower back pain.

Simple Lower Back Pain Fix: Brisk Walking

low back painSufferers from lower back pain may find relief in a new research-backed program that involves the simple act of walking two or three times a week.

A new study from Tel Aviv University finds that fast walking two to three times a week for 20 to 40 minutes may relieve back pain just as well as physical therapy multiple times a week.

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Lower back pain is a common problem for many adults. Problem is once it starts it appears to return with a higher frequency which disrupts work, play, and health.

Bye Bye, Back Pain!

low back painAccording to ConsumerReports.org, approximately 8 out of 10 U.S. adults experience back pain. The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center recently surveyed more than 14,000 individuals who experienced back pain over the past year. More than half said the pain severely limited their daily routine for a week or longer, and 88 percent said it recurred throughout the year.

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Human beings are basically antigravity machines. Our bodies naturally will bend forward overtime placing undue pressure on the lumbar. Many things can accelerate lower back pain such as injury, prolonged sitting, and poor posture.

Once it starts lower back pain seems to come and go with absolutely no predictability. The only predictable aspect is that it hurts and it disrupts our lives.

Many people turn to drugs and expensive therapy in their search for solutions. Research is showing that there are other choices that are a lot less expensive and ultimately, more effective.


InsanityWhile many exercise products feature good aerobic activity and some may even promote a healthy diet plan, very few combine all the elements needed to provide an all-around powerful workout routine and diet program.

INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program offers a full range of workout programs, a daily calendar to track your progress and a complete nutritional guide as well.

Insanity promises to be the final word in helping people get into shape and lose weight.

What is Insanity?

Put simply, Insanity is a 10 DVD workout program that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises that alternate to provide maximum fitness. The workout program itself consists of long burst of high intensity workouts with only short periods for resting.

The net effect is to blast your body so that the muscles react and help burn away the fat.

Hosted by Shawn T, this complete workout program provides a wide variety of exercise programs that work all of your muscle groups. Insanity also includes a complete nutritional guide as well to help fuel your body while burning away the fat.

The Advantages of Insanity

First and foremost this is a complete program. You do not need any weights, equipment or gym memberships to fully utilize this program. The variety of cardio drills are augmented by resistance training that helps build muscle tissue. This dual approach helps build stamina as well as muscle tissue while burning away the fat.

Despite the name of the program, Insanity does not require you to be in top shape to begin the process. The 10 DVD set is quite extensive and provides a complete beginning to end program that starts with measuring your current fitness, then using that information to start the exercise level that works best for you.

Insanity covers all the major muscle groups with intense exercises. The DVDs feature workouts such as cardio abs, core conditioning, power and resistance exercises and many more to attack the muscles and get them to respond so the increase in mass and burn the fat.

Make no mistake, this is an intense workout program that will press you to your limits. It is fortunate that the trainer, Shawn T is an excellent motivator who helps you get the most out of your workout routine. He’s forceful without being overbearing which makes it easier to get through the workouts.

There is also the complete nutrition plan, quick fitness guide to keep you on target, the Insanity calendar to help track your progress and free online support tools as well. This is certainly a complete workout program that guides you all the way.

Why Insanity can Work for You

Although certainly intense, if you want optimal physical condition in as little as 60 days, this program is probably something you should take a look at. Shawn T is a great motivator and guide through Insanity and the results will speak for themselves, if you follow this program.

We can highly recommend Insanity as one of the best, most intense workout programs on the market today. If you need to get into shape quickly, this is the workout program for you.

The Good Stuff

Do the full deal and you can be guaranteed to see impressive results.
Activates and engages the full core muscle groups.
You won’t get bored.

The Dings

Tough on the knees.
This is a hard program and requiers a certain level of fitness.
Lots of plyometrics (hard quick jumping) You will get hurt if you don’t warm up properly.

INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program